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August 15, 2022

KAILUA-KONA, HAWAIʻI – On Sunday, Tim Dalhouse thanked his supporters after his loss in the Republican Primary race for U.S. Senate, and gave his full support and endorsement to winner Rep. Bob McDermott.

“Mahalo to the many supporters who stood behind me, working tirelessly in our mission to win the Republican Primary and challenge Democrat Brian Schatz in the general election. We did not prevail in the Primary, but our mission is not over. We came together because it’s time to take a stand for Hawaiʻi against the economy-killing policies that politicians like Brian Schatz are forcing upon us. The past week in Washington alone has shown us how urgent this election is, with Congress passing even more outrageous spending bills. Hawaiʻi deserves better from their elected officials. We need leaders who will fight to protect our families from crime, cut our taxes, create opportunities for homeownership, and put an end to run-away inflation and unnecessary spending in Washington that is working to price our people out of Hawaiʻi. We need to do more than just talk about the environment, we need action, such as addressing issues like Red Hill before they become health and environmental disasters. I trust Hawaiʻi’s voters and give my full support and endorsement to Rep. Bob McDermott to fulfill this mission and defeat Brian Schatz on November 8th,” said Dalhouse.

Hawaiʻi can no longer afford extreme politicians like Brian Schatz and Mazie Hirono. The Democrats’ overspending and under-delivering policies are destroying our future. We must take on the far-left; protect all life – born and unborn; stand up for our Constitutional rights; prioritize veteran care; incentivize business and boost the availability of well-paying jobs; and put an end to the over-taxing and wasteful spending that Hawaiʻi has suffered under for decades. We must finally honor the promises made to Native Hawaiians as advocated 100 years ago by Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole as our first representative and first Republican in Washington.

“This is a special year; change is in the air. If we remain united and build upon our coalition, I believe we can see real change in Hawaiʻi this year and in years to come. Whatever my role, I will remain in this fight until we accomplish our mission,” Dalhouse vowed.

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