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Campaign Donations Get Rolling with Tim Self-Funding $50,000

Running a competitive campaign in 2022 costs a lot of money. One of the things candidates must do is raise funds for campaign staff, marketing, print material, direct mail, and travel. The Tim Dalhouse for Hawaii campaign committee estimates they will need to spend $200,000 or more on the primary campaign and then more than that on the general election campaign.

To make sure potential donors know he has "skin in the game", today Tim Dalhouse donated $50,000 of his own funds to his campaign committee to start paying the campaign bills. He's asking everyone in his network, whether they are in Hawaii or not, to support his campaign by making a donation through his website funding application, WinRed, the fundraising platform of the National Republican Party. Every donation helps tremendously, regardless of amount, and is greatly appreciated!

The incumbent Democrat Senator, Brian Shatz, has a campaign fund already at $3 million, so we have got to rally donors across the country to help win in these battleground races. Hawaii is shaping up with a ton of Republican momentum in the 2022 midterm elections, and every dollar donated will help us achieve victory.

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